Thursday, October 24, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Reversible Knits

Delicious book by Iris Schreier, Reversible Knits, has 144 pages full of small and beautiful projects. Iris is a NY based knitwear designer and is the founder of Artyarns fibers company. She designs her yarn that is manufactured in the United States. All designs in this book showcase her gorgeous yarns. At the same time she offers her guide for yarn substitution, if you choose to make her design out of your stash yarn.

As the title of the book suggesting, the focus is on reversible techniques. Iris says: " For me, the design has to be intentional, so that both sides are beautiful and balanced." That is what you see in this book. 
There are 6 chapters total that cover familiar knitting techniques with attention to reversibility: 
One-Yarn: Knit/Purl – Similar pattern on both sides.
Multi-Yarn: Knit/Purl – Produce the same pattern or very different patterns on the reverse side. Includes some slip-stitch projects.
Lace - Reversible garter lace or faggoting.
Cable – Reversible cables.
Double Knitting – Great classic example for scarves, hats and  shawls.
Modular – Great one to learn if you are not familiar with it.
Each chapter begins with swatches and explanations on how to work a particular stitch and the usage of it. A few patterns follow using these learned stitches. Iris is leaving some room for you to explore and shares her passion about designing with both sides in mind.
Here are some pages at a glance.

My opinion: A lovely book with much useful information and interesting patterns. Definitely worth having it.