Sunday, June 16, 2013


Laura Zander, founder of Jimmy Beans Wool has gathered up 30 superstar designers from around the world to awe and inspire in the book Knit Red.  This book is part of the stitch red campaign, a partnership between Jimmy Beans Wool and many other companies in the fiber arts industry, compiled to help raise awareness of heart disease in women. Needless to say that all designs are done in different red yarns. Even from this point of view the book is very interesting and artistic. You do not get tired looking at so many red garments and accessories.

Knit Red starts off strong with a beautiful preview of all of the designs in the book and on what page they can be found.  I always liked this feature in books. It makes it so easy to navigate. What caught my interest was that with every design there was a profile of the designer.  I felt like I got to know each designer on a personal level.  Their stories inspired me to make heart healthy decisions in my life. 


Though most of the designs in the book are not ideal for beginners this should not deter the novice knitter.  The section called knitting know-how contains all the information needed for any beginner to move up a level in their knitting.   Laura included basic stitches, cast-ons, cables, yarn overs, bind offs, and even how to use double pointed needles and circular needles.  The pictures and instructions are very clear and techniques are so well explained that I feel a knitter of any level would find this useful. You can start with a smaller project and progress to a more intricate one learning a new technique or two on a way.

So, let’s look at some of the patterns that caught my eye

Beaded lace shawl by Andrea Jurgrau

 Multipattern Mittens by Jared Flood

Leaf lace sweater by Deborah Newton

Cabled Cardi by Norah Gaughan

Cabled Knee-Highs by Deborah Norville

The list goes on and on...  

Another great aspect is the section called Heart-healthy Living.  It contains shocking heart disease facts, questions for you to ask your doctor, and recipes for some delicious health conscious meals.   All in all,  I found this book inspirational for both my knitting and my health.    

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