Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ceramic Yarn Bowl by Pawley Studios

Did you see these yarn bowls by Pawley Studios? They are not only very functional, but also an art piece for any office or home. Just take a look. I have this design in red and black because it fits with colors in my office. At first I did not see that there is another hole for an additional thread. Love it!
I am demonstrating here that I have two colors of yarn inside cream and blue and each of them is coming out through its own opening. Genius! No tangling anymore! The edges are very smooth, so no snagging either.

Here is a quote from their website Pawley Studios: "Our yarn bowls have become a favorite of anyone who loves to knit or crochet. The bowl nestles your yarn while you work, preventing it from rolling away and keeping the yarn clean as well.

We have created a yarn bowl that is quite generous in size, measuring 6” across the top, and 4.5” tall. The bowl has a "Y" hook channel design, making it easy to remove your yarn. And a permanent hole if you don't wish to change colors in your project."

When you go to that website you see that there are many different styles and color schemes for these bowls. I took some examples from that website, so these are not my photos. 

Aren't they irresistible? While I am in between projects, I use it for pens and keeping little office gadgets.

I was lucky to meet Amanda Pawley, an artist from Russellville, KY at TNNA in Long Beach, CA where she had her booth with so many different styles of yarn bowls. I am sure many of your local stores have them by now.
Here she is with her display.

Go get yours!