Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this book. In summary, it is an awesome book from an awesome designer Faina Letoutchaia.


This is something that so many of us were waiting for: a step-by-step video accompanied by the text on how to make a perfect sweater. There are two DVD's and the book that has 14 chapters that coordinate with videos.

Faina is a perfectionist when it comes to finishing and she wants you to be one. She is very generously sharing with us all the tips and tricks on how to do increases and decreases in a correct way, how to do a button band, collars, flattering shapes and impeccable sleeves. Her videos are very clear and mindful of a knitter who is watching them.

To give you an idea of the content here is the list of chapters that takes you through planning and executing a project.

Chapter 1: Planning before you start
Chapter 2: The very beginning-Cast-On
Chapter 3:  Planning your bottomband and cuffs
Chapter 4: Planning your buttonband
Chapter 5: Increases and Decreases
Chapter 6: Armhole, Neck, Sleeve cap shaping
Chapter 7: Shoulder shaping and 3-needle BO
Chapter 8: Buttonbands and Buttonholes
Chapter 9: Picking up sts around Neckline
Chapter 10: Binding off
Chapter 11: Kitchener Stitch and invisible BO
Chapter 12: Collar Obedience School
Chapter 13: Putting it all together
Chapter 14:Cleaning up
Just to show you what to expect in the video:

Working with collar to make it look good and lay nicely


And later you learn how to treat the seams using towel and tailor's tools. This is a very valuable lessons and you do not see it any books.

Faina takes us through her process on seaming showing every detail of that work. 
Learning about common mistakes like this one when you sew using Kitchener stitch.

Or marking with the contrasting yarn, so you are always in the right spot.

Such details as button holes and buttonbands can spoil the look of otherwise nicely knitted garment. Faina is teaching you how to do it right that it becomes a point of attention in a good way. People will ask:"How did you do it?"

Working with shaping and perfecting it.


 And the basics.

 There is so much more to this book and it is all illustrated and on the video.
 Everything you need as a tool is out and discussed in a friendly and very clear way. Going through this book and doing along with Faina all the swatches you feel that you have a knowledge that no class anywhere offered in the past. This is the most comprehensive guide I have ever seen And I took tons of classes in my life and own tremendous number of books on finishing.

Faina is a great teacher and a great designer. Just look at her new sweater.


I am dying to see the pattern for it. Do you see how precise every detail is? If you appreciate this, you will treasure this book for ever.

For more information about the book and purchasing it please go to 2 Ply Productions website.
And when you get the book, please leave your comment here. I want to hear your opinions about this DVD-book combo.