Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Giveaway of Complements Collection by Kristin Omdahl

You are at the next stop of the blog tour for the Complements Collection.
This collection is a product of wonderful collaboration of a prolific designer Kristin Omdahl and Bijou Basin Ranch. This collection of 13 designs is released at a perfect time. Summer is coming and we all want to work on small projects either we are on a trip or at home. You can choose patterns that use only one skein of yarn or up to three.

Whatever you choose, I guarantee that you will enjoy working with this exquisite yarns and well-written and clever designs that Kristin offers in this collection. When I look through this book I recognize the yarns featured there. I worked with Bijou Basin Ranch and I can appreciate the way Kristin is letting the natural characteristics of these yarns shine by the way she is using them in her designs. The drape is incredible and when you look at this knitted shawl, for example, you want it to hug you with its softness.

The designs in this book call you to explore the use of both crafts and see the exceptional qualities of both. If you do only one of these crafts, maybe it is time for you to try the other? This shawl is crocheted and looks very soft with a nice drape.

I think it is wonderful to see a book that gives us this opportunity to expand our skills and do something different. The projects in this book range in difficulty and the are some designs for a beginner.  I love this cowl. It is interesting and fun. Wouldn't you like to make it? It is on my list, for sure.

I had a chance to ask Kristin a few questions. See our conversation below.

FG: Kristin, I love this elegant collection of small projects that people can take on a trip. Can you say a few words about the yarns you chose for these projects? Are they easy to handle? What behavior were you expecting from the yarns for some specific projects?

Kristin: Thank you! I love the yarns I chose for these projects. Some I chose based on weight, others on yardage, and I'm always drawn to how the color varies from one fiber blend to another.

FG: This book has both crochet and knit designs. It is about time that we see such collection. Are you encouraging people who only knit or crochet to try something new as they are looking at your beautiful designs? Or you are offering a little bit of each so everybody can find a pattern that apply to the skills they have?

Kristin: Both, actually. I have always knit and crocheted simultaneously. I wanted to explore being inspired by something and creating a vision in each craft, but not identically. For example, the shawls are inspired by a scallop sea shell from the beach near my house. Each shawl has a predominate scallop shape, but they are not identically made but in the different crafts. And the tiered cowls, while they are both tiered, they are constructed differently and have different types of edging (and obviously one is knit and the other is crocheted).

FG:. Should we hope to see more of this type collections from you?

Kristin: I still have a few tricks up my sleeves :) Thankfully!!

This book is available on the Bijou Basin Ranch website. A few of the projects from the book are also available separately as kits.
And now...

Bijou Basin Ranch is very generously providing a copy of this eBook for me to give to a lucky reader of my blog. What do you need to do to win this book? Just leave a comment with a few words about Kristin Omdahl's designs and if you ever used the Bijou Basin Ranch yarns. Any fun stories about your knitting experiences or your trip projects also will count. Let's have some fun here. Summer is coming after all.

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful post Faina. I love Kristen's designs and recently finished her design, Birch Vest. I've never used Bijou Basin, but would love to! Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway :)
    Ravelry ID: Peacefullyknittng

  2. Love, love, love the Tulip tiered cowl - this is just what I need to get my crochet mojo back!! I've never used Bijou Basin yarns so this is a great nudge in their direction too and am always on the look out for trip projects - my last was a baby jacket <3 <3.....

  3. Faina, thank you for the review/interview - sounds like a really special collection! I haven't knit/crochet any of Kristin Omdahl's designs, but I like them a lot! Neither did I have a chance to play with Bijou Basic yarns... some day, when I have more craft time...

  4. I love Kristen's work and am currently working on her Seamless Crochet Medallion Pillow and trivet. I have always wanted to try Bijou Basin yarn

  5. Lisa-Marie HaugmoenMay 22, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    Ha! Not only have I knitted her birch vest but I am working on a shawl using Bijou Basin yarn my hubby bought for mothers day. :.))

  6. I love the pattern for the Hourglass Knit Capelet above. I haven't used bijou Basin yarn, but I would love to try it.

  7. I absolutely love her designs...flattering for everyone..and such fun to make. I have worked with Bijou Basin yarns...Their Bijou Spun was soft and great to work with. Also, their Yak Down/Silk was incredible to use! thanks
    Yhime407 on Ravelry

  8. Love Kristen's work - I admire her so much and love her brain!!! I've not used Bijou Basin but it looks lovely :) It's on my most wanted yarn list for sure :)

  9. I totally agree with all of you. We are doing well on comments. Keep it coming.

  10. Kristen's books have all been so great - love, love, love her patterns! I need to knit the Lily of the Incas shawl.

  11. I love so very many of Kristen's designs. I recently bought a skein of Tibetan Dream by Bijou Basin and simply cannot stop petting it and squishing it. I am waiting for just the right pattern to come my way to use it. Perhaps it will be in Kristen's new collection.

    Thank you for a great giveaway.

  12. I love Kristin's designs especially the knitted shawls. I haven't had the chance to use any Bijou Basin Ranch yarn.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. Faina, thank you for the review/interview!!!!! Love, love, love!!!!!!