Saturday, May 26, 2012

Custom Crocheted Sweaters

I am looking through a fabulous book by Dora Ohrenstein called Custom Crochet Sweaters . This is her latest book published by Lark Crafts.

What can I say. The designs in this book take my breath away. I love that every single design is elegant, wearable and fits beautifully. The focus of this book is on providing the reader with certain tools and knowledge that he/she will be using to make the next garment fit.

Dora begins with an important and a lot of times underestimated stage of the custom design: taking correct measurements and understanding the fit for your body. For those who are new to making garments in crochet, there are lessons on reading a pattern and schematics, shaping and alterations, importance of gauge (if you ever thought it's o.k. not to make a gauge swatch, after reading this book you will change your mind. I guarantee that.), and finishing.

Each of the designs can be done as is, if the measurements fit you just as you like it, or you can modify it with the help of the author. At the end of each pattern there is a lesson that you can study and follow to alter that particular pattern. After reading through all the patterns and their lessons, you can also combine what you have learned and apply to other designs or, if you are that brave, design your own garment.

So, this book is not the type you look through, put on the shelf and never touch again. It is a reference book with the information on custom design and a perfect fit. It is a huge leap from what many people used to think when they heard the word "crochet".

Dora loves good and sophisticated clothes and loves to crochet. In this book she is sharing with us both the craft of designing in crochet and the fashion trends that she admires. Above are some of the designs from this book. The rest you will appreciate only after reading through it. I highly recommend this book.

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