Monday, February 20, 2012


 Margaret Radcliffe's new book with Storey Publishing is everything I was hoping for. I love her writing style and respect the amount of research that goes into her work. This time her focus is on mastering techniques of knitting in the round.

The 320-page book called Circular Knitting Workshop has a feel of a classic classroom with the chalkboard background.
It goes so well together with step-by-step explanations supported by photos and notes. In depth analysis of cast-on looks. Have you ever worried about the beginning of round stitch being different and loose? Margaret has a cure for it.

She has subheadings like Solving Circular Knitting Problems, Making Circular Swatches, Solving Problems with Double Points, and so on.

Almost every page has 3-7 photos on it. I love that. You can follow the tutorial on each technique by reading and seeing.
The first half of the book is focusing on how-to techniques and swatches addressing all main problems with circular knitting. You might find there something you did not know before. This book is a compilation of all known up-to-date circular knitting technique including working two tubes at a time, magic loop method and so on.

There are 10 chapters in all. Each of last 5 chapters is concentrating on a specific type of project:sock, shawl, hats and bags, mittens, and sweaters and vests. In depth explanation of each type of project is supported by a design.

In summary, this is a great book that you will want to keep as a reference. The book will be released next month.

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