Sunday, August 14, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Baby Blueprint Crochet

This book was on my shelf for some time. It was given to me by the author herself, Robyn Chachula at the last TNNA. It is not one of the books that I was supposed to review. Nevertheless I am doing it. There are two reasons for it. One is that I love the designs in it. The second one is that this a great teaching book for a beginner or an advanced crocheter. I love how the charts and schematics are done in such a clear way that you have no difficulty using them. The photography is incredible. It is the Interweave Press book, so no surprise there. They always have beautiful illustrations and charts.
Robyn is one of the top crochet designers and a great teacher. I took a class from her one time so I am not just saying that. She pays attention to all the details which show that she is a mommy herself and knows that the baby needs comfort in any clothes.

Here are some projects from the book. You will appreciate the use of color and decorative details as well as the construction. Enjoy.

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