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If you've read my review of Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl that I posted on July 16, 2010, you saw some incredibly innovative crochet techniques and beautiful creations of this talented designer. Kristin is known for her expertise in crochet work. She is a Crochet Corner host for the program called Knitting Daily TV . Kristin Omdahl is full of ideas and always coming up with very interesting techniques for which she is merging her very artistic and creative side with her mathematically-oriented mind. We see the result in her designs as fascinating shapes and interesting usage of known stitches.
Kristin is also a knitwear designer. I am very pleased to participate in the blog tour for her new book A Knitting Wrapsody. Although we saw her published knitwear designs before, this is her first book of knitting designs.
In this book Kristin made a leap from crochet to knitting. She follows her style and aesthetics that we know from her previous books and puts together a winner.
Here are some designs from this book.

This very interesting design is made out of my favorite yarn by Bijou Basin Ranch

In her DVD that comes with the book and where Kristin is helping us to learn different techniques used in this book (Great idea, by the way. So helpful!) she says that this sweater was the idea that lead to the whole book. This project was inspired by the painting she saw.

In her first interview for The Designer's Studio Kristin told me about her design work , her background, and inspirations. I thought it would be better if I ask Kristin about this book and her plans. I teach mathematics, so it is no surprise that out of 18 designs in the book I chose Infinity Sweater for my question.

So, I will let Kristin talk about her book.

1. I was fascinated by your Infinity Sweater. How cool! Can you tell
me why this idea interested you and what is the sweater
construction, was it difficult to achieve this curve, did it take
much math calculations, how did you choose the yarn for it to be so
pronounced and so on.

I have been playing around with the infinity motif for most of my knit
and crochet design career. My first sample was a knit lace shawl with
eyelets in every other row. The second and third projects were in
crochet - one lace and one solid double crochet fabric. I have been
toying with the idea of a solid fabric knit version as a design
element in a garment for years. My sketches of a cardi-wrap with
sleeves with an infinity motif on the back are probably 6 years old.
The calculations are deceptively simple. The motif looks a lot more
complicated than it is. First, it is knit in rows, not rounds, so that
is easy. You increase on one side of the row, work even in the middle,
and decrease on the other side of the row. That's it. When you are
done, you have an "S" shape until you sew the short sides of the "S"
to the center strip. Then you have an infinity motif. I've been
searching for the perfect yarn for this project for about 6 years.
Last year, I found Presto by Tahki Stacy Charles and fell in love with
it for this project. I wanted a yarn that self-stripes to accentuate
the modular construction of the infinity shape, but because it was
going to be a wearable, I wanted a sophisticated palette and subtle
striping. What interested me about Presto was the fact that there are
2 strands of yarn. The bulky weight roving is subtly self-striping in
shades of brown and the carry along mohair has the rich jewel tones
self striping. Because the mohair strand is so much finer than the
roving strand, it helps to keep the rich colors more subtle, while
still following the construction of the motif.
Using a bulky weight yarn for a large garment can be tricky because of
the weight issue. I decided to keep the fronts very light by using
crossed drop stitches in the fabric. They add an extra visual texture
to the garment, and it is carried through on the sleeve cuff too.

2. What would you say is different in this book ? Why people who
already have one of your books would want to add this one to their

My first 2 books are crochet, so being that this is my first knitting
book, that makes it unique. My goal in writing this book was to come
at knitting construction from the viewpoint of other crafts. It is one
of the reasons why I included a DVD workshop to help people step-by-
step through the projects in the book. I think hearing tips, pointers
and instruction from the designer is extremely helpful when working on
a new project or technique. And having a DVD means you can stop, pause
and repeat as often as you like from the comfort of your home. As a
single mom, I don't travel as much as I am invited, so this is a
wonderful opportunity for me to teach my workshops.

3. Are you planning on any promotional appearances? I am sure our
readers would be thrilled to come to that.

Yes, I travel several times a year for book promotions. I announce
events on my website. I have several events in the works right now,
but am still working out the dates.

FG: Thank you, Kristin. I always love to learn about your designs. I really loved the idea of including DVD with the book. It gives the personal touch to it. Your readers can actually see you working on the pieces and learning how to do it from the author herself.

Kristin Omdahl's website is Styled by Kristin. Visit there for more information.
It is time to wrap up. I hope you follow the blog tour. The next stop will be at Craftnicity

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