Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The new paperback edition of this book is out for your pleasure. Nicky Epstein is offering us the essential collection of 350 different decorative borders that can be used in any way we wish or dare. A great addition to a knitter's library. Nicky is showing some sample projects to support her point of using this collection. Take this sweater, for example. It is worked in plane Stockinette and the edge, called Sugar drops on page 155, makes this sweater fun and interesting.
These are two more examples of the use of edges given in a book. The layout of the material is clear and beautiful. As you browse through many chapters such as ribs, ruffles, lace, fringes, flora, points and picots, and some additional pages on techniques and helpful notes, you can't help yourself thinking where you can use what you see. Your juices of inspiration are brought up to a pretty high level at this point.

In summary: This book is inspirational, full of learning moments, and the one that will be your faithful companion in your knitting endeavors.

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