Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Interweave press has so many wonderful things for us knitters and crocheters! Today I want to mention two of them.

There is a new line of nine calendars for coming year 2011. Each of them is concentrating on a certain craft form like knitting, crochet, quilting, spinning, and others.
I got my review copy in knitting. It is a beautiful 12" x 12" wall calendar with focus on different knitting techniques.

When you open any month, you will see the photo of the "mood board" suggested for that particular month. I will give you one example. Here is the "mood board" for August. It brings us into world of lace.

With the help of this calendar you can explore lace stitch patterns and techniques either shown on the photo or any other. The back page of the calendar sites the sources of the featured stitches and yarns. So, it will take you on a journey to do what you choose with the "mood".

I love it! It helps me to keep all the deadlines, knitting events, and other important dates together in a separate place from the rest of the family. Great addition to my studio!

Since 2009 Interweave runs a TV program called Knitting Daily. Unfortunately in my area I cannot watch it. Thankfully, this show is also coming as a DVD version.
This is the fifth series of workshops on knitting and crochet. It is released and sold at the Interweave store.

There are 13 episodes in total. Eunny Jang, host of the TV series and the editor of Interweave Knits magazine together with experts Shay Pendray and Kristin Omdahl teach knitters of all levels how to knit hats in the round, work with colors, finishing techniques, crochet and much more. There are three bonus videos by Eunny on Double Knitting, Entarlac and Domino Knitting.
Each workshop is done in a friendly manner and very informative and interesting. You can learn from very experienced instructors being at home and watching a certain episode as many times as you need. This sums it up for me. I love my reference materials be at my fingertips and not take much room in my studio.
In this particular series we enjoy appearances of wonderful designers such as VĂ©ronik Avery, Cat Borhi, Jared Flood, Berry Klein, and others. Each of them have something special to teach us.

On the personal note I am honored that two of my projects are included in this set. One of them is the Sweet Honey Beret that can be seen in episode 504 Hat Basics and the other one is right on the back jacket. As you see it above, Eunny is wearing my Spring Twilight Pullover.
I hope you will enjoy this DVD set as much as I do.